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Tempered East is the proverbial "umbrella" that all my wild and wide ranging artistic pursuits fall under. It began in Chicago in 2019 as Tempered Label, a handmarbled label that my friend and co-creator, Sabina, started together. It was a fun excuse for us to hang out, throw paint around, and make things we wanted to wear and use. Then in 2022 I moved from Chicago, Illinois to Portland, Maine. Sabina gave her blessing and I brought Tempered with me. Reincarnated as Tempered East, it is now expanding to include not only all the marbling magic that began in Chicago, but also handmade paper artworks, ink drawings, sewn, woven, or embroidered pieces, and collaborative projects. I am also an educator and will be offering workshops in marbling and other media in and around southern Maine.

If you are most interested in marbled design you can find many funky and functional pieces for purchase in the web shop. Or attend a "magical event of color play" AKA a marbling workshop!

Above all else, collaboration and community bring me the most joy. I would be so happy to hear about your current or future projects! Maybe we can find a way to incorporate a marbled element or some bespoke, handmade paper.

I'm Claire. Some about me bullets...

  • In Chicago, I taught Art at a K-8 Chicago Public School for 7 years
  • Currently, I am a part-time nanny - being around babies and toddlers especially, brings me lots of joy
  • I love to cook and this summer I had my first garden which made cooking even more enjoyable when I was able to use ingredients that I also grew myself
  • I miss my midwest friends and family a lot and often but I also am in love with Maine and I'm glad to live here
  • I'm obsessed with nature - forests, tide pools, and ponds are my favorites

<--- that's me! Now you can find me at markets and come say hi :)

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