care instructions

how to take care of your marbles

whether you just got a new hat, t-shirt , or bandana the care instructions are the same: be gentle.

  • wash in cold water by hand or on a delicate cycle
  • use a gentle detergent
  • let air dry
  • wear it all the time!

questions? just ask!

the sustainability of tempered east

I do my best to get my fabrics and clothing items from second hand sources. When that is not possible I choose suppliers that have a sustainable mission. Scrunchie fabrics, onesies, and most of the t-shirts are found at thrift stores. I thoroughly clean the fabrics and then marble them! It gives white fabrics a second, more fulfilled and colorful life. Sometimes it is hard to find these when I am looking for them. If you are looking to get rid of a white bedsheet or plain, white onesies that your little one has grown out of I am open to donations! Send me a message and I will figure out if I can use them.

Due to the nature of my sources, there may be some inconsistencies in marbled print from item to item. Some fabrics are better to print on than others. I like to experiment! Some prints may look more vibrant or more crisp if the fabric has a tighter weave. The fabric content can also play a role in the final product. I try to stick to 100% cotton fabrics or cotton blends. You also may notice that I do not size the t-shirts. That is because the sizing. is inconsistent between brands. Best way to figure out if it is a match is to try it on!